JIM BERDINSKI was constantly told that he would never amount to anything by his school counselor. Strike number one against him.

Jim was raised in a religious environment where a lot of things did not make sense to him. He tried to obey the rules he was expected to follow, but through all his hard-earned efforts, he didn't feel any closer to God. Certainly there was no joy or peace with God, through all his attempts to try to be pleasing to God. That was strike number two against him.

As he grew older, he began to question whether God was even real or not. Part of him certainly wanted to believe God was real, yet another part of him was so skeptical.

Frustration about God and life in general lead him into the world of music and drugs. Essentially, that was all he was living for at that time in his life.

Yet everything he longed for, came apart. Time after time, his dream of success was shattered. That was strike number three.

At perhaps the lowest point of his life, an old dope-smoking buddy came back into his life, but now his old buddy claimed he didn't need drugs anymore to find something worth living for. His buddy claimed he had found SALVATION WITH GOD.

Jim was skeptical.

Perhaps you have tried SALVATION WITH GOD, and nothing has happened YET. Listen to Jim's entire story: You may receive some incredible HOPE!

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