The MOSES ALEXANDER Testimony: Part 1 of 2

The MOSES ALEXANDER Testimony:  Part 1 of 2

Moses was a hard core drug addict. He had no time for his wife. He had no time for his children. All he had time for was his drug addiction. He had once heard that: Once an addict, always an addict; so he figured he would just keep living out his life as an addict the way he had been told it was supposed to be. Fortunately, the day came when Moses could no longer take his slavery to drug addiction, and he enrolled in a 12-step Narcotics Anonymous group. In that setting, he found there was hope for him afterall, and although he obeyed everything he was being taught, there was still something missing deep inside. There was like a void that needed to somehow get filled, but he just did not know what that was. He had tried drugs to fill it, and found out that did not work. Once off drugs, he tried to make up for some lost time by working longer hours than ever before, to provide for his family, but even his work would not fill that void, that vague emptiness that was inside him. Then Moses tried Jesus Christ to fill that void, and much to his surprise, it WORKED! Now he had a sense of knowing that he was connected to the Creator, which is what he had been searching for his whole life, yet had not realized it. Yet with the void filled, and thinking he was doing all there was to do to please God, Moses ended up in the hospital, flat on his back, with a lot of time to listen to whatever God might have to say about the situation he now found himself in. What situation might that be? The doctors could not figure out what was wrong with him! Moses agonized inside his soul, thinking how terrible of a thing it was going to be to die, and the doctors could not do a thing about it, because they did not know what his problem was to come up with a means to correct it. You will want to hear for yourself what happened at the hospital! If anyone reading this thinks that they could never be loved and accepted by God, please take the time to watch these testimonies. Moses and

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