"Drum Praise"

Rich Spremich fromer orignal drummer for Malo with Geoge Santana of (Suavecieto, Nena and Pana fame) and leader of the Damascus Experience band. Is on a mission from God to bring "Worshiping on instruments" back into mainstream Christian music. God healed Rich after a drug related acident left him unable to play drums for 10 plus years. Now he only praises God with his worshiping (yes on drums) and is on a mission to train an army of "Shield Bearing" men and women to " worship on there instruments like "King David" did. through "a safe place to learn" music series. RIch also has created "Prince of Peace Records" a non compromising record label. That listens to the voice of the King and not reflect the world. For more information: www.tdxband.com

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