Your Faith must be a Strong Tower

Sermon Title: Your Faith must be a Strong Tower

Scripture Text: Romans 15:1-19


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Sermon Synopsis:

This sermon deals with the mindset of Christianity versus Traditionalism and false belief from those who believed themselves to be Sadducees. It highlights that as a Christian nothing is guaranteed to us especially if we start to believe in different variations of the gospel. That is why as Christians we must understand and know that each one of us is responsible for their own salvation trough their belief system. So what you believe, and why you believe it is entirely up to you.

We know that there are false teachers in the body of Christ and their job is to trip us up and destroy our belief system. It has always been their goal to twist the teaching of God to suit their needs as they pray on the body of Christ. This has been true for all generations and it is the responsibility of the individual to make sure that they are being taught the gospel that was delivered by the apostles through the Holy Ghost.

Lastly, we must build our strong tower of faith brick by brick through trial by trail and tribulation by tribulation until it becomes a fortress of impenetrable belief in God. While in this process we must understand that God will sometimes fight our battles, but other times He will let us fight them ourselves. So we must have a tower of faith within us that we can call on to protect us, strengthen us and to keep us going in the hard times because He is perfecting us through our trials and we are being cleaned so that we may be presented perfect to Him as the Body of Christ.

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