The VI SCHNEIDER Born Again Christian Testimony: Part 1 of 2

Vi Schneider was raised in a Catholic environment, and being a good wife and raising children was what she just expected to do when she got older. At age 19 she was married, and her first child was born. She had five more children after that. But the marriage did not hold together, and she found raising six children was nearly more than what she could handle.

It was during a very painful time in her life when some friends began to coax her to let Jesus into her life, surrendering all to Him, and let HIM help her through the hardships she faced. That is exactly what she DID, and it was letting Jesus be Lord of her life that she came to know what becoming spiritually born again is all about.

There is a CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT LESSON in this testimony that everyone will do well to GET. Being a "Catholic," or a "Baptist" or a "Whatever denomination affiliation" does not meet the criteria for becoming born again.

The KEY to becoming born again is to have a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with the One who told us that we MUST be born again, as is recorded in John Chapter 3.

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