3The Pentecostals of Henderson Tennessee TN /Pastor Chris Tharp

Hi, I'm Rob Melborn. I am the Music Minister at The Pentecostals of Henderson, in Henderson, TN. We've just been in a great revival with Bro. Gary Ashcraft. I had a lower back problem and as I stood playing the key board during a recent Sunday evening service, I had severe pain radiating down my legs. Bro. Ashcraft came and laid hands on my back as I played and said the Lord wanted to heal my back. He prayed and God DID heal my back. The pain left immediately. Also, I had neck pain due to two whiplashes from 2 separate accidents I was involved in. But after specific prayer for my existing neck problems, God miraculously healed me and I have been totally pain free since. I give God all the glory and praise!!!

Rod Milbourn has served as Music Minister at the Pentecostals of Henderson for over 10 years. God has equipped him with an anointing that touches people through praise and worship. Rod considers it a privilege to watch people respond to the presence of the Lord as he leads them into worship. Rod has a rich heritage of music in his background. Rod's mom and dad are both musically gifted. Not only is his dad a minister, but also an accomplished, professional musician. Rod learned at an early age to minister through music by traveling with his family around the country singing. Rod has served in music ministry postions in Indiana, Georgia and Tennessee. Bro. Milbourn also travels across the country conducting choir workshops and teaching in national music conferences each year. Rod Milbourn is the founder and director of the West Tennessee [email protected]%! Choir that is a nationally known gospel choir. Some of their accomplishments over the past ten years include singing in the National Youth Congress, General Conference of the United Pentecostal Church International, singing at the many Bible College Music Conferences of the U.P.C.I., have been privileged to sing at the O'Landa Draper Music Lover's Conference and appeared on the Bobby Jones Gospel New A

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