5 of 22 - A Judged Creation (A God-Inspired Deluge) - Billy Crone

If there is one thing the Bible is clear about it is this. One day, God is going to put an end to all the evil and suffering that goes on in our world. One day, He will judge this wicked and rebellious planet and make all things new. He did it once with a worldwide flood and Hes going to do it again with a worldwide fire. Thus, you would think people would conclude, Hey man, I better get right with God so I dont suffer the Judgment of God. Yet the Bible records the sad news of how the people in the last days would actually choose to be scoffers instead of taking God up on His offer to be rescued before its too late. Therefore, this series A Judged Creation, seeks to encourage these scoffing people to become smarter people by looking at the scientific and geological evidences of Gods first judgment, the Flood of Noah. Here you will discover such evidences as a Global Catastrophe, a Great Fossilization, a God-inspired Deluge, a Grand Uprising, a Galloping Runoff, a Gargantuan Boat, a Glorious Civilization, and Giant Life Forms. People, God really did judge this world once, and Hes going to do it again. Time is running out and the rains going to be here before you know it. Please, dont be like the scoffers of Noahs day. Discover the evidences of A Judged Creation and enter the ark of Jesus before its too late!

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