No fear - Received December 15, 2009

No fear - Received December 15, 2009

My children, you have not received a Spirit of fear but of love, power and of a sound mind. There is no fear in perfect love, love drives out all fear. It is not by power, nor by might but by My Spirit. He who is in you is greater than he who is in this world. If I am for you who can be against you?

Do not fear for the time that you are in and the things which must still take place. It is all written up, under control. My plans will work out for good. I know the end from the beginning, nothing is new nor can anybody hide anything from Me. My children will be in peace and never in darkness.

Do not allow evil men to scare you, they cannot do anything to you that I don't allow. I am in control, I Reign. All men are under Me, I am the God of the universe, the righteous Judge. My Kingdom is the only Kingdom that will last for I am the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

Do not fear My child, be willing to give up your life for Me and My Kingdom. Fear not for what is yet to come, trust Me and no man. Don't fear men or fret about their wicked schemes, they can only kill your body. Fear Me for I am the only One who is able to kill your body and your soul and cast you into hell. Why fear to die if you know your life is right with Me? You must be ready all the time.

I warn beforehand, do not fear for anything that might come your way, stay faithful, be steadfast and endure to the end. Trust Me, I am faithful, with you all the way to the end. Be in peace, not fear.

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