Day 7 - VICTORY! - THE FIGHT TO QUIT SMOKING CIGARETTES - 1 WEEK of sharing my experiences HD

In High Defintion: DAY 7 - 10-18-09: PLEASE SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES WITH US, TO HELP US ALL in the battle to QUIT SMOKING these cigarettes. Thank You. NOTE: I did NOT end up taking any ZYBAN (WELLBUTRIN) today, and I had much much less anxiety and felt so much better. I think the Zyban has done it's job, and if I need it in the future it's there, but I think from here on in, it will just be the NICOTINE PATCHES ONLY now.

So I quit smoking with nicotine patches and gum, and started smoking again. 7-30-09 UPDATE: It lasted about 5 days, and I ended up smoking agian.

As in the video I am on Day 7 and using Zyban, and nictonine supplents - today was rougher than the first but we pulled through it by the grace of God. DAY 3 was the HARDEST DAY so far, EVEN with using the NICOTINE PATCHES & GUM. TODAY was a lot better. Food tastes better and I noticed I have a lot more time now, than I did when smoking. I NEVER REALIZED HOW MUCH TIME SMOKING TAKES OUT OF EACH DAY! Today is 1 WEEK of sharing my trials, hardships, good times, triggers and the help of God with all of you! I hope that in these 7 days I have posted, you could perhaps learn or gain insight on. I am by no means out of the woods, but I wanted to really post my first week of not smoking cigarettes up for other smokers who are or have quit, to help make known what kind of to expect, and in a 5 second moment, one could smoke (as I almost did). I well still keep posting, probably weekly, and commenting with others daily..I think? lol

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