Shattered (My Psalm) by Steviestrings

...finding its is going to be important for me to start getting what I must secured somehow online so that I can reach what I need from public librarys. Faced with the constant reminder of social, "formal" man made misconseptions and manipulations of who God really is seeing in a vision the round about path to God in the old ways of "what can we gain from this" being made into "its not about what we can gain from this its about getting in the water straight away and not getting out" (The old stairs to the river were round about and took negotiating each step to make it to the water and the new stairs led one to the water directly and with strong appearance did rebuke the old stairs and covered them so they would become like the earth.)

I recieved much from the Lord today and some is ment to be heard and some is for a time appointed. This video is my Psalm, it was birthed a wile back and I shared it with my girlfriend. But now it is for those who would believe in the God who is, not the God they want, and those who suffer the old stairs an oppression that is from the evil one that is the dragon himself who is Satan going to and fro in the earth like a lion seeking his pray.

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