P.L.A.Y. the Spiritual Game in RR, Texas

P.L.A.Y. the spiritual game is a game that allows players to explore every day events and issues (such as anger, divorce, baby momma or daddy drama, etc.) from a spiritual perspective. The game stimulates discussion among players and promotes a spiritual view point. P.L.A.Y. is a fun way to explore life situations, and spur conversation and discourse. P.L.A.Y. is flexible in allowing the players to hone in on biblical aspects, center on life circumstances, or pinpoint areas to spark more in-depth communication and exploration. God’s Educational Task Team is on the move !isting hurting souls to start a healing journey. We believe that hurting souls hurt others. We would like to see this “pity party” eliminated from the human race. Our mission and purpose is to keep our precious families intact and for those members to SOAR as God designed. Enjoy P.L.A.Y.ing the game!!

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