family force 5 kountry gentlemen

artist: family force 5 song: kountry gentlemen

i made this


I come from the land where the mullet attacks

Business up front

Party in the back

You gotta style in the south when you're stepping out

Put a gold tooth in your mouth

Lookin' good now

Your Tank top, your ball-cap, you think you're all that

But you're looking like Scott Stapp

You're just another redneck from back in the woods

Not a Kountry Gentleman that can bring the good



My mama raised me in the durty south

A Kountry Gentleman

So you best watch ur mouth

My mama raised me in the durty south

A Kountry Gentleman

That is what it's all about


IROC-Z, got an eagle on it

Rolling on some 12's

Don't you know I'm gonna flaunt it

Am I driving too fast for you now?


The muffler goes KA-PLOW!!

Now that I got your attention

Just let me mention that I'm pinchin' pennies

To buy some twenties.

Cause I got plenties and manies, and moneys just to give to my friends

And that would certify me as a Kountry Gentleman....

Mama, what you got cookin' up in that kitchen?

Cookin' fried chicken?

You know I love that soul food

Everything you cook is so good

For a southern man like me

You gotta cook it up clean, cook it up mean

Mama don't like it when you got leftovers

Gimme me some of them collard greens

Got me some grub and I gotta go

Down to the Grocery store

Tailgate party at the PIG WIG

Jumpin' up and down in the back of a truck bed

Look at that kid tryin' to act all big

Trying to break-dance so break his leg

He ain't got what I got

Let's make it hot in this parking lot


My mama raised me in the du

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