Unlimited - Received December 21, 2009

Unlimited - Received December 21, 2009

Unlimited – Received December 21, 2009

My children I am unlimited, omnipotent and able to do the impossible. I don't need to ask any one for permission. I am God Almighty the One who is unlimited. Man cannot limit Me, I do as I please whenever I wish. My Kingdom will last forever and all man made kingdoms I will destroy. Men are limited.

Do not limit Me by your own understanding of things. Trust Me for who I really am and what I can do and will do. My child, the things that are impossible with men are possible with Me. I am the Creator of heaven and earth, nothing is too difficult for Me. I will accomplish all that I have promised, all will come into fulfillment at My appointed time. Heaven and earth belong to Me. Will I ask man anything?

Do you know that I will take you along the impossible, difficult way to show you My love and great power, that nothing is impossible with Me? I work all things out for good. You can trust Me, I am faithful and unlimited.

I will not ask of you to do what is not possible for you to do. Without Me you can do nothing. I am your strength, I give you the strength to do things for Me. I know My plans for you they are good. Seek first My Kingdom and My righteousness and all the other things I will add. My resources are unlimited. I give in abundance according to My will at My time.

Do not allow your understanding of Me to limit you to fulfill My purpose, through you. You might be limited but I am not. I use the willing even when they are limited because I am not, I do the impossible through any one who is willing. When you are weak I am strong. Do not limit Me but trust and obey Me and experience My great Power and love for you. I am the King of kings and Lord of lords. Unlimited!