Adonai says "My people are destroyed for want of knowledge". We as children of Adonai are made with a God size hole that only He can fill. Therefore we blindly throw ourselves behind many things thinking, "Maybe this will fill it." Finally sooner or later we end up seeking upwards for answers. If we look to the past and the perfect example we have is Israel. When we see the blessings we learn, when we see their ERRORS we should take even a closer look. There were times Israel had leaders who feared Adonai and also times when they did not. We live in a society that is ungodly, and coming from a state of ungodliness to seeking the King of the universe is a drastic change. However, it's not too difficult IF we are listening to the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), which begs the question "How do we know when the Ruach HaKodesh is talking?" Well being very Jewish I can answer that question with another question. "What does Yeshua say about the Ruach HaKodesh?" Learn what it really means to live your life according to the Spirit of Adonai through the lips of our Teacher, and ultimate example that the Father has given us to follow… Yeshua our Mashiach (Messiah).

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A Prayer for the Next Generation to Be Amazed by God - Your Daily Prayer - July 16

Jesus loves the lost, and so should we. He is very much still at work in the world today and invites every believer to participate. He is growing His Kingdom, and the best is yet to come!

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