Animated Stories from the Bible (Old Testament): Solomon

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Teach wisdom, inspiration, judgment and other positive character traits through the Nest Learning DVD on The Story of Solomon. It was his first major test as king. The eyes of the nation were watching nervously to see if this young leader could measure up to the high standards set by his beloved father, King David. This emotional story escorts viewers into the very throne room of King Solomon, one of the wisest men

A great resource to use at home for family devotions, in Sunday School any time of the year, or as a supplement to your homeschool curriculum.

Each Interactive Story of Solomon features: All features offered in English and Spanish English and Spanish movie and subtitles and audio dialog Have fun learning history and character with 3-Level Interactive Quiz

Bonus Offer - Each Story of Solomon DVD includes a Free Instant Download of our 64 Page Activity and Coloring book

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