Joshua 1 - Introduction with words

Joshua 1 - Introduction with words

Joshua 1 - Introduction (song with words on the screen)

This is the first demo song from our current album project called The Joshua Account. Visit our web site at to learn more about the project and see more videos. The Joshua Account is a hard rock Christian album based on events found in the book of Joshua. The style is old school rock and metal like early Ozzy, Metallica, Megadeth and the like.

Introduction to The Joshua Account
Words and Music by Jim Papanek (ASCAP)
© Jesus Inspired Music

God said to Joshua
Take these people forward
Then He said be confident
I will always be here

Leaders, get these people ready
to cross the Jordan River
into the land of your enemies

Survey the land of Canaan
It belongs to us
These are commands from the Lord

Joshua told two and a half tribe that
they would help their people
take back all the land that
God had promised to them

We will do what you told us
and go where you send us
We will obey you like Moses

May the Lord be with you
as our new leader
We'll be strong and courageous

Just remember
no one will be able to defeat you Joshua
Be determined
make sure that you study the whole law day and night

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