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Littluns and the Book of Darkness

This exceptional Christian book beams a vivid, hopeful and promising light of truth for the entire family. It's fantasy, wrapped around what will soon become reality. Take a peek into what's ahead. The soon to be revealed and completed story of light vs darkness. The pure of heart in contrast to those who have and will crusade against it. Hope in the midst of what may seem overwhelming odds today. "Littluns" is a profound reading adventure for every family... Readers will also find this book an invaluable map to understand events that are just around the corner... Dare to embark on an unique, thoughtful as well as thought provoking journey that will challenge your mind, touch your heart and enrich your soul! Are you ready and willing to pull up rusty anchors mired in the frustrating family reading available today? Do you want a Christian alternative to Harry Potter for your children? Then set sail into your imminent future? Find inspirational reason and fortitude to celebrate the hope and uncompromising determination of the human spirit as God created it. Visit LITTLUN BLOG , get your own copy and see for yourself why this book has won coveted awards, captured countless hearts and why "Littluns and the Book of Darkness" is becoming a household name for those in the know!

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