Holyman Undercover Clip: Subliminal Advertising


In this clip from the upcoming comedy Holyman Undercover, Amish farm boy Roy gets his first job in the entertainment industry as an announcer for a pharmaceutical commercial. Following the advice of his crazy uncle Brian, Roy tries to slip a subliminal message into the disclaimer copy.

Holyman Undercover Synopsis:

Join Roy as he says farewell to the farm and hello to Hollywood in this zany comedy. Roy heads to Los Angeles to search for his long-lost uncle, and instead finds fame and fortune playing Satan on a top-rated television show. While pursuing the girl of his dreams, Roy's fantasy quickly vanishes when scheming networks, powerful producers and temperamental co-stars turn his life into the world's worst reality show.

Starring David AR White, John Schneider, Fred Willard, Jennifer Lyons, Andrea Logan White, Staci Keanan, Clint Howard and Edie McClurg

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