Millions of People Are Looking for God

Do you want to use your God-given talents and time to accelerate and support Bible translation? Across the world today people are hearing God's Word for the first time in their own language-the language of their hearts. And Wycliffe Associates has been given the unique privilege of helping make that possible by accelerating the work of Bible translation. Right now missionary linguists are working throughout the world to start over 2,000 translation projects in every language still needing one by the year 2025. This massive undertaking is called Vision 2025. Hundreds of volunteers are needed to be sent to countries around the world to enable Bible translators to focus on translating God's word into their mother tongue language (what we call the language of their heart). Volunteers who give the gift of their time directly accelerate the work of Bible translation by building and renovating facilities, constructing roads and airstrips, doing office and accounting work, sewing, computer skills, plumbing and electrical, teaching, and much, much more. There is shortage of support personnel serving translation teams. Wycliffe Associates needs to mobilize a larger number of volunteers to meet these needs. You can give two weeks, a month or a year. Watch the video and log on to [email protected]%##! to learn more.

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