Prophecy Many are called - Received August 24, 2009

Prophecy Many are called - Received August 24, 2009

Many are called to follow Me. Few accept My call to obey and follow Me daily. I will not force any one. I am waiting for the willing to come to Me, to do My will and not theirs.

Many do not realize the time they are in already, they lean on their own understanding. They think they don't need Me but they are foolish and will soon realize their foolishness. Some think they can hide things from Me, they forget who I am. I know every heart and every thought, nothing can be hidden from Me. Life and death is in My hand. Who will escape from My wrath, where will they flee?

I am able to open the earth underneath them, just where they are to swallow them up. Where will any one flee from My face? Rather run to Me now while there is still time before it will be too late. My will is that all will come to repentance to have eternal life and none will perish. Many are stubborn, rebellious and stiff necked and they will certainly perish, it is their choice. They refused to submit to Me and accept My call willfully to come and bow down before Me and acknowledge Me for who I am, God Almighty their Creator the One who is to be loved and feared. Man will tremble at My presence, man does not know Me nor My great power because he has no knowledge of Me.

I call the world to Myself to accept Me and to follow Me before it will be forever too late. Take heed, do not reject My call now, you will be very sorry at the end, but it will be too late. Now is the time to cry out to Me, I will hear and answer and accept every one who comes to Me. I will never reject any one. I am faithful. Many are called now to come and follow Me, you will never be disappointed.

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