Prophecy Your faith will be tested - Received September 10, 2009

Prophecy Your faith will be tested – Received September 10, 2009

It is time to be steadfast in your daily walk with Me. Many will stray and fall these last days because their relationship with Me was not serious enough. They never got to know Me for who I really am and what I am able to do. They doubt Me because I never became real to them. They never worked hard enough on their relationship with Me. I am always available I never slumber nor sleep. I will never show any one away who comes to Me. All their excuses will be in vain, I know every heart and thought, nothing can be hidden from Me. Many pretend to know Me but I don't know them, they are not serious. Their faith will be tested, they will not make it to the end. Will you?

My children, I warn you it is time to be serious and steadfast, work on your relationship with Me. Let nothing hinder you or come in between us. Your faith will be tested. Get to really know Me. The more you seek for Me the closer you will get to Me.

The tests and storms will be many. Only those who are steadfast will not be shaken or moved. Will you be able to stand when the test comes your way? Will you be steadfast, and know I am in control and nothing is able to separate you from My love? Are you ready, prepared for what is to come?

How is your relationship with Me, today? Will you be steadfast and endure to the end? Your faith will be tested.

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