Prophecy Pray more! - Received September 13, 2009

Prophecy Pray more! - Received September 13, 2009

Prophecy Pray more!! – Received September 13, 2009

Pray more. Time is speeding to the end. You are the last generation. Everything will be fulfilled at My appointed time. I am in control of all things yet to come. I am the Beginning and the End.

Pray more and seek My face to hear My voice for guidance. Pray more, make sure that the light in you is not darkness. Stay in My Light. Darkness will cover the earth like never before.

Do not stop praying, no matter your circumstances, just pray more. Many people are dying each day without Me. Pray for mercy, guidance, wisdom and understanding. Pray for all your needs. Do not lose hope or give up. I hear and I will answer at My time. Everything is under control, I know the End from the Beginning.

When you don't know what to do, pray. My children, you will have to pray more for wisdom in these coming days to know what to do. Pray, do not lean on your own understanding. Trust Me, pray until you hear from Me. Do nothing on your own initiative, wait until you hear Me clearly. I will guide you, I am faithful. I will not fail you, just pray more.