Hmong United Methodist Academy Winter 2008

Transformation For Life.... On December 16, 2008, Rev. Paul Joseph T. Khamdy Yang (Hmong Caucus President and Hmong United Methodist Academy Director) welcomes HUMA participants with these written words: "Grace and peace to you in the glorious positive energy of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus transcending into our lives and the lives we touched. Once again, I want to welcome you to our Hmong United Methodist Academy. During this Winter 2008 Hmong United Methodist Academy, there are three objectives (1) To proof read what we translated from the Fall 2008 Hmong United Methodist Academy in South Lake Tahoe; (2) To finish what we can by translating the rest of the "Local Church" section in "The Book of Discipline;" and (3) To define/translate key words/terms in the United Methodist tradition from English into Hmong (e.g. Elder, local pastor, lay speaker, full member, and so on). I thank you, again, for your willingness to serve and attend the Hmong United Methodist Academy. With great appreciation, I acknowledge the following organizations for making the Winter 2008 Hmong United Methodist Academy achievable: (1) California/Nevada Conference Committee on Hmong Ministry; (2) Memorial United Methodist Church / Christian Hmong Regeneration In Spiritual Transformation: C.H.R.I.S.T. Church; and (3) First United Methodist Church of Orville / Hmong United Methodist Fellowship. May God bless you for your continuous support for Hmong United Methodist ministries in the California-Nevada Annual Conference and beyond." Transformatoin For Life.

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