For The Least - Love Revolution

For The Least. is a non-profit organization whose aim is to promote this type of thinking and promote action corresponding to these God-given desires. So often, all it takes is for someone to care, and imagine what can be done. We all know the World is full of suffering, but we all also have the solution; compassion and the power to do something…

One organization, one team, one life, one heart can initiate change in the life of another. FTL strives to be an everyday reminder that your actions can make a difference. If we all stop, close our eyes and imagine who we would help if we could, who inspires compassion in our heart. What would that person's life be like, what would our world look like?

Can you hear him. calling? Does the sound of her. voice echo in your mind as you sleep?

The impact of one life may seem small and the thought of changing the entire World overwhelming, but why not start with one?

So here it is, an opportunity to do just that. All you have to do is make two simple choices...

FIRST, it her? or him?

SECOND, define who they are. Maybe a young girl in India who was sold into the Sex Trade, or a boy who must care for his sisters after HIV killed their parents.

The real question is: who is she to you? Through FTL, we desire that you would wake up everyday with a passion to make a difference.

So feel free to change the world.

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