Niagra - Sara Evans

Niagra - Sara Evans

Standing at the edge of this cliff

Gravity being what it is
I’m afraid that I might stumble
Cause I’ve never been this high
And I’m so carried away by this place
And the simple beauty of your face
When the walls start to crumble
And I’m helpless to fight

Cause you can’t ask the sun not to shine
And no one’s ever found a way to stall time
Oh baby it’s unstoppable
I can’t resist at all
And I would never try to slow down the wind
Baby it just has to be what it is
And asking me not to love you
Is like asking Niagara
Not to fall

I can’t worry my heart with what if
Oh maybe I should just give in
And wrap myself around you
And let you take me down
Take me down

(Chorus 2x)

Not to fall
Rain rain rain down on me
Wash wash wash over me
Fall fall fall into me