Woman Sings 'My Favorite Things' To Elderly Grandmother Through Glass Window

Woman Sings 'My Favorite Things' To Elderly Grandmother Through Glass Window

Because of how contagious coronavirus is, one woman was not able to get close to her elderly grandmother during a visit. To help make her smile, the woman sang ‘My Favorite Things’ from The Sound of Music through a glass window.

“Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver-white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things
When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad”

As she sings the song with the help of some friends, her grandmother smiles at her through the glass door. Once they finish singing, the grandmother gives them a round of applause. It is a tender moment between a granddaughter and her grandmother, even though they cannot have any physical contact.

With the coronavirus outbreak and nursing homes restricting visitors to keep the elderly safe, many families have had to come up with creative new ways to communicate with the older members of their family.

Some people have been singing to their loved ones, like the woman in this video. One man even sang to his mother while she was standing on the balcony of her nursing home. What a sweet gesture!

Others have been able to communicate through holding signs outside windows, dancing outside of glass doors to entertain their older family members, or just using Facetime to talk to one another. But the absence of physical touch is something that will be the new normal for these families for a little while.

It is heartbreaking that these families can’t physically be together during this time, but videos like this one still bring us hope. May we all care for the elderly in nursing homes as best as we can, and use whatever means we have now to bring them joy!

Woman sings "My Favorite Things" to her beloved grandmother behind a door

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Posted by CBS News on Thursday, March 19, 2020