Rebecca Mizell - Still Small Voice

Rebecca Mizell - Still Small Voice

I recently discovered a CD series called "Scripture Lullabies : Hidden In My Heart." The songs are paraphrases of Bible passages, done in a lullaby style, but not too sing-songy; adults will find them pleasing, too. The lyrics are not overly simplistic to allow infants to understand them; for example, this song contains the lyric "sheltered from the noise and distraction." A small child probably doesn't know what that means. But we can certainly envision a child yearning that. And that's what makes this concept work. It allows us, as adults, to put ourselves in a child's place, and remember those emotions. And appreciate them.

This song is sung by Rebecca Mizell, written by Jay Stocker. It's based on 1 Kings 19:12.

Check out the CD series here :

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