Leeland - Tears of the Saints

Leeland - Tears of the Saints

Behind the Song:

Leeland Mooring says it was a Sunday afternoon during a quiet devotional time that he sensed what he calls a presence of God. “I was playing piano, just worshiping, and I asked in prayer, ‘God, just give me your heart for the lost.’” It was a hope to feel the longing God feels for people struggling to find their way. “And then I started crying—it was as if God gave me a little glimpse of his heart,” Leeland continues. “‘Tears of the Saints’ came out, and it’s about how for every person who is out there lost there is probably about five people praying for them.” More, the track illuminates the vision the band has for its ministry. “We want to see kids saved,” the songwriter affirms. “What’s awesome about this song live, is how it touches people,” bassist Jake Holtz adds. “The Lord is just blessing people. You can see change coming across their faces. It’s nothing we’re doing. God’s just working through us with this song.”

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