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New Christian Rap - Don't Forget About God-Jesus

Don't forget about God

By Kamal Emanuel 2017

I teach the truth from the ancient origin
christianity is african, eithiopian
not greek or roman
no slavemasters interpretation
it's about your mission on earth and ressurection
pray to him and you get protection
don't need your weapons
when i put on his whole armor and keep steppin
he's not outside of us, Christ is within
he's reuniting the father with the children
to get you off the block cause the block is hot
and the devil wanna keep you on lock
yeah satan wanna leave you for dead
so rock with Jah and stay to steps ahead

and nothing out there but traps in stares
Noah saw it coming,yo you better get in here
and get it in hear, that word in your ear
just come correct and come sincere
open up your heart and mind
cause the devil want's your soul
but it's Gods time
Lets go!

Kamal Emanuel

#Jesus #Holyhiphop #christianrap #gospelrap #lecrae

#kirkfranklin #kendricklamar #common #alternativehiphhop
#gospel #inspirational #motivational #undergroundhiphop

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