'Hello, My Name Is' Matthew West Live Performance

'Hello, My Name Is' Matthew West Live Performance

Matthew West performs his hit song ‘Hello, My Name Is.’ A song full of powerful and encouraging words, and a great reminder of who we are as Christ followers.

“Hello, my name is child of the one true king
I’ve been saved, I’ve been changed, and I have been set free
Amazing grace is the song I sing
Hello, my name is child of the one true king”

When talking about the song, Matthew West shares how we all can find our true identity in Jesus.

“We all have a name tag attached to our story. ‘Hello, my name is…’ and then you and me get to spend our whole lives trying to fill in that blank,” says West. “You know so many times I’ve allowed my past mistakes, the shame and regret from poor choices, to falsely define who I am and fill in the blank with names that I wish I didn’t have. And that’s when the devil will go to work trying to drill it in our head, trying to make us believe that who we once were, that’s who we’re always going to be. But sometimes it’s not just our mistakes or our past that we allow to define us, sometimes the world is going to go out of its way to make us believe that we’re something other than who God says we are. I am so thankful that for every lie that the world or the devil tries to make us believe about who we are, there’s a truth that speaks louder than the lies.

That truth that Matthew West is talking about is God’s Word.

“One of my favorite verses in the Bible makes it clear, hands down, who we are, what our name is,” says West. “1 John 3:1 – ‘See what great love the Father has lavished upon us, that we should be called His children.’ The very next sentence says, ‘And that is what we are!’ I hope you know, and I hope you believe that no matter what lies have been written on your name tag, God’s love is powerful enough to erase it and replace it with our true identity.”

How wonderful it is that Jesus makes all things new, and he can turn our mess into a message. Like the song says, sometimes we have voices in our head that define us by our regrets and our defeats. But these are lies and we must look to God’s truth to see who we truly are!