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Matthew West Lyric Video For ‘Don’t Stop Praying’ - Christian Music Videos

One of the biggest names in the Christian music scene, Matthew West, performs a beautiful tune about the importance of continued and earnest prayer with “Don’t Stop Praying.”

Life and all its worries, stresses and burdens can be overwhelming. Situations and circumstances throughout life will test and stretch our faith. Some may even get to the point where they feel that no matter how much they pray and reach out to God, nothing changes. They may feel their prayers are in vain and God is not listening.

However, that is not the case at all. Even when He appears absent and not listening, He is still working on our behalf. He is still in control and on the throne. 

In his song “Don’t Stop Praying,” Matthew reminds followers of Christ about the importance of fervent and continued prayer. God is still capable of performing miracles. God can inject hope into a situation that appears void of hope. He can and will do miracles. We must keep praying and communicating with Him.

“Don’t stop believing
‘Cause mountains move with just a little faith
And your Father’s head every single word you’re saying
So, don’t stop praying”

What an uplifting and encouraging tune, with a message for anyone and everyone about the importance of prayer. Whether you’ve followed the Lord for decades or are a new Christian just starting on their walk with Him or maybe you don’t know the Lord at all, prayer and talking to Him will change your heart, life and situation. 

Praying and communicating with the Lord is an activity Christians should be engaged in daily, even several times a day. Throughout the Bible God’s word stresses the importance of praying and bringing our needs and requests to Him. 

God wants to hear from us. He listens to our prayers. As Matthew’s song mentions, God hears every word. 

Philippians 4:6 “Have no cares, but in everything with prayer and praise put your request before God.”