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Matthew West And Daughter Sing ‘Before You Ask Her’ - Christian Music Videos

Christian music artist Matthew West and his daughter Lulu perform a beautiful song about the questions any young man interested in dating his daughter must ask himself and answer first. 

Dating can often be a difficult, tricky and awkward process. Dating can also be weird for fathers of young ladies. Sooner or later, all fathers know that young men will start taking an interest in their daughters. However, fathers want to protect their daughters from physical and emotional hurt at all costs. If it means having a slightly awkward, tense conversation that is what they’ll do. 

Matthew’s song “Before You Ask Her,” perfectly expresses the fears and hopes any father has for their daughter when it comes to dating and marriage. As the song title indicates, Matthew has a series of questions for the young man and others that his daughter’s potential suitor should also ask himself.

The opening verses detail a conversation between Matthew and the young man and all the questions he has for him. Like any father, Matthew loves his daughter and only wants the best for her.

“Will you hold the door? Be polite?
Pick up the tab? And treat her right?
Have her home by ten
And not a minute after?”

As the song continues, his daughter and the young man in the track have reached a big step in their relationship: marriage. But before that happens, Matthew has more questions and requirements for his daughter’s potential husband.

He asks whether he will always encourage her in everything, all her hopes and dreams. Finally, Matthew wants to know if the young man will always put his daughter and Jesus Christ in the top spots in his life. 

What a beautiful song about the love a father has for his daughter. He only wants the best for his little girl. He understands how special she is and wants to ensure her future husband also knows this.

Psalm 103:13 “As a father has pity on his children, so the Lord has pity on his worshippers.”