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'Two Houses' Matthew West Acoustic Performance On Divorce - Christian Music Videos

One little girl’s letter inspired Christian artist Matthew West to share an acoustic performance of his song ‘Two Houses.’ This powerful song sheds light on the tough subject of divorce. While attending one of Matthew’s concerts, a 10-year-old girl wrote a letter to the musician on a napkin. Before he performs the single, Matthew shares an excerpt from the note. “My parents are going through a divorce and my heart is broken. Your song ‘Two Houses’ feels like it was written for me. But more than anything it helps reminds me that God is with me and will get me through anything.” This young girl was so grateful to hear Matthew’s music and feel closer to our Lord. The words of ‘Two Houses’ is able to give her comfort and hope for the future. “When love would always last forever And families stayed together Back to the day before two houses When you held my hands when I was little Before I got caught in the middle Somewhere in between two houses 'Cause these two houses Sure don't feel like home” It’s never easy to watch a child go through something like divorce, but it is so important that they know God will never leave them and He is walking with them each step of the way. Matthew West beautifully belts out the words to this song for the young girl and anyone else going through a similar struggle. Know that God will guide your path and we are praying for you and your family.