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Matthew West Surprises Engaged Couple With Song 'More' - Inspirational Videos

Christian artist Matthew West made one couple’s night when he serenaded them at a recent concert. West is a popular musician known for his worship songs such as ‘Forgiveness’ and ‘Hello, My Name Is.’ His songs have touched hearts all around the world and that’s exactly what happened when Lisa and Alan heard his single ‘More.’ “I love you more than the sun And the stars that I taught how to shine You are mine and you shine for me too I love you Yesterday And today And tomorrow I'll say it again and again I love you more” After hearing these loving words, the engaged couple knew they wanted to dance to that song on their wedding day. Alan wanted to surprise Lisa, so he contacted Matthew West through Facebook and asked hi about recording a special version of the song for the big day. Well, West went above and beyond the request and actually invited the couple on stage during one of his concerts. That’s when he began to serenade them with the words of ‘More.’ “Just a face in the city Just a tear on a crowded street But you are one in a million And you belong to me And I want you to know I'm not letting go Even when you come undone” Together, Lisa and Alan shared a dance on stage to their own unique version of the beautiful song. I think this is exactly what Alan was looking for when he wanted a rendition of ‘More’ that Lisa would always remember.