'Wanted' Danny Gokey Acoustic Performance

'Wanted' Danny Gokey Acoustic Performance

Christian artist Danny Gokey performs an acoustic rendition of his newest single, ‘Wanted.’

This powerful tune can be found on Danny’s upcoming album ‘Haven’t Seen It Yet.’ There are times in our lives when we all feel lost or distant from the Lord. But these words remind us all that we are never alone.

“If you could see it through my eyes
You'd know that you are wanted
You'd know that you are wanted
And if you'd let my love inside
I'll show you that you're wanted
I'll show you that you're wanted”

‘Wanted’ came from a deep place within Danny’s heart. He wrote about the inspiration on Facebook.

“The message of this song is really special to me because it was written from God's perspective to those who have been hurt by so many things in life that they couldn't control and as a result, they feel lost, damaged or unworthy. If this is you, the Father has your heart and he wants to restore it! His love goes so far beyond what you can imagine and he wants you to know that you ARE wanted!”

God created each and every person and He loves us no matter what. Despite our sins and faults, the Lord will always be there waiting for us with open arms.

Danny hopes that this message of hope will reach the hearts of those who may be struggling. Even when times may get dark, remember that God is the light that will always be there to guide us home.