Rescuers Save Puppy Stuck In Frozen River

Rescuers Save Puppy Stuck In Frozen River

The heroic Coast Guard is at it again after these rescuers save a puppy from a frozen river!

At first, it is hard to see the cute, black puppy in the video because it is hidden with debris and ice. But upon further examination, you can see the helpless little pup, stuck in the freezing water with no way to get out.

But here comes the Coast Guard to the rescue! While the Coast Guard has many responsibilities, like maritime law enforcement and port security, they also do water rescues, for humans and animals alike!

The rescue is being filmed by on-lookers from the top of a bridge, and you can hear their worried gasps and concerns during the rescue. Especially when the puppy looks like it is about to get hit by a giant piece of ice! Oh no!

The Coast Guard tries to reach the puppy with a long pole, but he has no success. Quickly, he jumps on top of the ice, reaches down into the freezing water, and frantically searches for the submerged pup.

Thankfully, the brave rescuer was able to find the pup and quickly pulls him out of the icy water. He wraps him into his chest with his arms in order to warm up the puppy. Who knows how long the dog was in the freezing water, but any time at all could have be a risk to his life. Especially at his tiny size!

The on-lookers from the bridge celebrate the successful rescue, and you can hear the relief in their voices when they see that the puppy is safe.

What an uplifting sight to see people coming together, rescuing the cutest little animal, and celebrating when he is safe and sound! Thank you God for such cute little critters that bring us so much joy!

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