Judge Cries After Contestant's Heartfelt Audition Reminds Her Of Her Mother

Judge Cries After Contestant's Heartfelt Audition Reminds Her Of Her Mother

An X Factor judge is moved to tears after a contestant’s heartfelt audition reminds her of her own mother.

Dublin’s Michelle Barrett may have been taken aback by Judge Tulisa’s response, but that is exactly what happened during Michelle’s turn at the microphone.

As the video opens, we get just a little teaser before the whole segment plays. The performance is dubbed an “Unforgettable Audition,” and we soon learn why Michelle’s performance is cemented in history. 31-year-old Michelle appears nervous and excited by the opportunity—one that has been a while in coming.

When one judge asks Michelle to tell the panel something about herself, Michelle shares that she is a mother of four “gorgeous babies,” and she considers that her biggest accomplishment to date. The video then shows Michelle’s tribe of supporters, including her husband and children. And Michelle is right! They are a quartet of cuties!

The hopeful contestant continues to explain that perhaps she hasn’t made it to this point previously, because her children were so young and she didn’t try hard enough. Instead, she chose to focus on her family. Now, though, Now that her children are older, Michelle feels able to commit herself fully to this dream.

For her audition, Michelle sings “All the Man That I Need,” which was most famously recorded by Whitney Houston in 1990. Her performance is outstanding and the judges clearly enjoy it. But, it is judge Tulisa that is most moved.

When Michelle finishes, Tulisa is the first to speak. She tells Michelle that she reminds her of her mum, and she calls the performance brilliant. Tulisa is emotional, recalling her own mother’s beautiful voice and the sadness she has over the fact that her mother has never really shared her talent. Tulisa now has Michelle crying, too.

The judges all vote “yes,” and Michelle is hopping and clapping, positively giddy over their decision. She greets her adoring family and is almost childlike in her excitement, and, yet, she shows compassion for the feelings of the younger judge. Interestingly, Tulisa jokes that she’s not the type to show much emotion; however, when it comes to her mother, that’s her weak spot.

Michelle’s performance was amazing, but it was the connection between a giving mother and a grateful daughter that made this performance so very special!

“Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.” Proverbs 1:8

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