19-Year-Old Mary Jo Never Performed Until Her Show-Stopping American Idol Audition

19-Year-Old Mary Jo Never Performed Until Her Show-Stopping American Idol Audition

Check out this 19-year-old named Mary Jo put on a show-stopping American Idol audition even though she has never performed before!

“Mary Jo has come a long way since her 4th grade talent show yodeling days,” reads the caption of the video on YouTube. “Not only was this American Idol audition the first time Mary Jo has ‘genuinely performed for anyone’ since 4th grade, but it was the first time she performed in front of her own mother! Thanks to Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, Mary Jo and her mother are able to share a very special, magical moment in the audition room.”

Mary Jo is a 19-year-old from Cleveland, Ohio and works as a real estate sales associate. For her audition, she sings ‘You Broke Me First’ by Tate McRae.

“Now suddenly you're asking for it back, could you tell me, where'd you get the nerve?
Yeah, you could say you miss all that we had, but I don't really care how bad it hurts
When you broke me first, you broke me first”

After she is done singing, Luke Bryan asks her if she's ever performed in front of a live crowd. Mary Jo responds that she hasn’t even sung in front of her own other.

“We gotta fix that,” Luke says. “No better time than now,” Katy Perry remarks. “Where’s your mom?”

Mary Jo goes to get her mom, Elizabeth, and brings her into the audition room.

“So, you’re a fan of your daughter from afar, I hear,” Katy says. “That’s pretty much it,” says Elizabeth.

“It’d be nice for your mom to finally hear what you sound like in person,” Katy says to Mary Jo. “I mean, she did create you!”

And with that, Mary Jo sings for her mom for the first time! Her mother is so giddy and happy to be hearing her daughter performing! And she flashes her daughter a thumbs up to let her know that she is doing an awesome job. The judges are smiling as they look on and watch the mother and daughter share this special moment.

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