3 Bass Singers Perform 'The Sound Of Silence'

3 Bass Singers Perform 'The Sound Of Silence'

The band Misty is back and you won’t believe your ears as these three bass singers perform ‘The Sound of Silence.’ Now if you don’t know anything about these guys, let me introduce you to Dash, Conner, and Henry. These sweet guys with giftedly deep voices say they forged their band after getting tired of singing in their own bathrooms.

One afternoon the group met up to hang out when they stumbled upon a tunnel that took their low octaves onto a whole new level. So, when they finally had a chance to get together after social distancing due to COVID, the trio jumped at the chance and opted to record ‘The Sound of Silence’ because they’ve been “itching” to perform this beloved song.

As the notes begin to play and these gentlemen begin to sing this 64-year-old hit, it would have astounded Simon and Garfunkel. Their deep octaves rattle and soothe the soul all at once! The trio has gained fans and two thumbs up for their rendition of this beloved cover song.

One listener commented, “I’m so in love with y'all's tones, like they're all unique and recognizable but not in a way that makes it weird when you all sing together. So cool and admirable. I also really appreciate that you didn't go extreme emo/epic . . . but you also took the cover away from the original version that almost sounded like it didn't take its own lyrics seriously…”

Another listener stated, “Listen, Conner's deep tones already give me chills..”

Another fan with musical experience says it all, “The chest vocal range in this video is A1-C#5 for you music nerds who always ask.” Apparently, not only does the band perform a stunning cover of this beloved song, we learn they did so with only four octaves. How incredible is that? I’m looking forward to their next song, regardless of whether it’s a cover or an original, I think we can all agree, we can’t wait!

“I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live” Psalm 104:33

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