Caring Cat Soothes Crying Baby

Caring Cat Soothes Crying Baby

Watch this caring cat climb into a crib and soothes a crying baby — too cute!

Ever hear a baby crying and wish someone would just magically calm it down? Apparently, this cat has the magic touch!

As soon as the adorable kitty hears the baby whaling from her crib, it quickly pounces into action. The cat climbs some boxes to peek over the edge at whatever creature is making such awful noises. I guess it had some sympathy for her because it meowed and hopped right on in.

Maybe the cat decided the crib was the perfect place to take a bunch of lazy cat naps, or maybe it truly knew the baby was upset and wanted to comfort her. Animals have shown signs of attempting to calm their distressed owners after all.

Initially, the cat sits there staring at the noisy baby and looks back at the owner like “what is it doing?” After staring long enough at the baby, the cat looks for the comfiest place to lay down. It circles and plops down right at the baby’s tiny feet! It even let out the most gentle little meow as if it’s saying, “It’s okay tiny human. I’m here now.”

Although the baby doesn’t completely stop crying, the cat definitely distracted her with its soft fluff. The baby stops every few seconds like she’s considering calming down, and It even looks like she wants to smile at certain points.

But then she starts whaling again. Sometimes all you can do, human or animal, is be there for someone.

The cat may just want to rest its head on the baby’s legs, but the baby girl clearly wants to move around. Her chunky little legs kick into the cat’s face over and over. Of course, the kitty didn’t care. It clearly knows she is a sweet little angel — maybe just a little gassy sometimes!

But now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; and the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

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