Our Identity in Christ Part B

As Christians who are we? So we are Christians what challenges does that present? I see those who are Christians riding around in big fancy cars owning estates and living a life of luxury. I also see those who are Christians living very modestly or even struggling so what does it mean to be a Christian?

Well we won’t get our answer from just looking at the world. We must look at God's word?

Teaching Begins 1:25

There is no hassle free life if we live in grace 6:51

Paul did not consult with men after his conversion 10:21

Those who try to get you to works of the law instead of grace are trying to bewitch you 14:50

You cannot be justified before God by doing the works of the law 20:10

Don't get entangled with the yoke of bondage 22:50

If you want to live by the works of the law Christ has become of no effect to you. 28:00

Think about this one guys 31:50

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