Save Us From Ourselves

Save Us From Ourselves

OK......this is super fresh (at the time it was recorded). Just written right now. Actually, not sure when the words were written.....but I just put the music to it 20 minutes ago, so there are mistakes. But praise God.....I love having new songs. Sing unto the Lord a new song! Sing unto the Lord all the earth! Eeeeeeeeeeee glory. Hehehehe. Save us from ourselves

There are things, I run from...that I don't want to do

Why do I do them Lord, why do I sin against You

We all have weaknesses, the enemy will attack

Don't believe his lies, that there's no way back

Lord come save us from ourselves

I want to be true to You

Lord come save us from ourselves

I don't want to sin against You

I cry for freedom, then wrap myself in chains

then You wash them away, & all their stains

I don't want to be in no more chains

There's a battle raging inside of me

Why do I constantly fight against me?

1,2 Chorus