Fairytale Comes To Life When Woman Finds 3 Bears In Her Home

Fairytale Comes To Life When Woman Finds 3 Bears In Her Home

We have all heard the story of the three bears, right? A young girl comes home to find three bears living in her home. But for this woman and her mother in Anchorage, Alaska they are living it, and it’s no fairytale. They uploaded the footage from the strange encounter, where it went viral on YouTube.

The video opens with the woman softly whispering in shock at what she’s seeing. In the first frame, we see only one bear cub. But as the video progresses the woman reveals another the bear cub sitting on the sink looking out the window. Then the first bear skids toward the sliding door and we see a third bear cub trying to get out the door. All three bear cubs are now trapped inside and are seen scratching at the glass in an attempt to get out and return to their mother.

“At first, Mama Bear and three cubs came into our house through our open backdoor. My mom, coming from our backyard to the back porch, saw Mama Bear who was right in front of the door,” reads the caption on the uploaded video.

It continued, “Mama Bear saw my mom and immediately left our house, leaving her three babies behind being stuck with us inside. My mom thought there was only Mama Bear, so she came in through our back door. But as soon as she closed the door and went into the kitchen, she spotted three other black cubs digging out stuff from our trash cans and sink area. My mom immediately ran downstairs and left through our front door. Eventually, the cubs found a way to re-open our sliding door and reunite with their Mama Bear.”

After some tense, scary moments for the terrified woman, there was a happy ending just like in the fairytale. The three bear cubs were reunited with their mother. And the human family could resume living their best bear-free lives. Although I bet they’ll never forget the day they encountered 3 bears in their home!

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