Camera Crew Breaks The Rules To Save Trapped Penguins

Camera Crew Breaks The Rules To Save Trapped Penguins

Penguins are beautiful and cute animals that almost everyone loves. That is why this camera crew had to break the rules, and rescue penguins from harsh arctic weather.

Camera crews are typically not supposed to intervene what they are there to capture on film. It probably makes film work hard for camera crews sometimes when they have to watch mother nature take its course.

But once in a while crew members can’t help but to get involved, and it makes us love and appreciate them a whole lot more.

As they filmed these penguins, the filmmakers' hearts began to break. The penguins were stuck when a steep icy slope prevented them from migrating to a safer area away from the harsh weather. After a couple of days more penguins began to gather. They were all trapped.

With the penguins unable to climb the steep slope because of the slick ice, the camera crew decided to step in, literally. They dug steps into the ice for our little tuxedoed friends!

At the time, they didn’t know if the penguins would catch on and use the steps that they had made. Then, to their surprise the penguins began to use the man-made steps in large groups. The camera crew watched and smiled as the penguins made their way to safety.

Sometimes breaking the rules isn’t all bad, especially if it is to help someone to survive. A little help, and a whole lot of compassion saved many lives that day the camera crew decided to step in.

On that day, breaking the rules saved lives and we are so happy that this camera crew didn't let anything stop them from lending a hand. Something inside the camera crew’s hearts told them to help, and we are so glad that they did!