'Forever Young' Blind Audition Strikes A Chord With The Judges

'Forever Young' Blind Audition Strikes A Chord With The Judges

During week 2 of ‘The Voice UK’s blind auditions, contestant, Joe Topping, struck a chord with a few of the judges in this performance of Bob Dylan’s classic rock hit, ‘Forever Young.’

Originally released in 1973, Bob Dylan’s ‘Forever Young’ was written as a lullaby for Dylan’s oldest son, Jesse, and included influences from the Old Testament book of Numbers.

May God's bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you

Bob Dylan included two versions of the song, a quick one and a slower, more sentimental one, on his fourteenth studio album, ‘Planet Waves.’ This album was the first to be released since Bob Dylan reunited with his original backing group, ‘The Band’, and the album found international success, reaching the number one position on the United States Billboard charts, number seven in the United Kingdom.

When English singer-songwriter, Joe Topping, took ‘The Voice UK’s stage for the second week of blind auditions to perform ‘Forever Young’, he was surely hopeful to turn at least one of the star judge’s chairs. With his wife and children watching from backstage, Joe sang alongside the accompaniment of his guitar, to the enjoyment of both the audience and the judges. By the end of his performance Joe turned not one, but two chairs, and judging by the look on his family’s faces, they couldn’t be more proud.

Joe’s musical sound was inspired by both the English folk clubs he grew up around, as well as the blues and Americana sounds of his adventures in the United states. Joe’s inspiring adventures in the United States included a great road trip, during which Joe drove all across the country living in a pickup truck.

"Therefore whatever you desire for men to do to you, you shall also do to them." Matthew 7:12

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