Curious Sea Lion Steals Fish From Boat

Curious Sea Lion Steals Fish From Boat

This curious sea lion steals fish from a boat, and what a story these folks now have!

A sea lion. Yes, a sea lion. And look at the size of this wild animal.

We’ve seen it before in children, or maybe from our dog. When they think no one is looking, they may try to sneak a cookie from the jar, a snack before dinner, or otherwise break some rule they know about.

Well, what do you do when a sea lion is somewhere they shouldn’t be? What if that sea lion is taking things from you that it shouldn’t?

And what if that sea lion sees you and does not care?

This curious sea lion got a bit too curious, and a bit too hungry. Not only did the animal hop on board this boat, but also gulped down the bait fish these people had.

On board the ship was a couple, 29-year-old Mariah Bechdtel-Occhi and her fiancé. They were near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico fishing with friends. On their way back to the marina is when someone else decided to join them, someone uninvited. And yet, certainly and hungrily attending.

“As soon as the sea lion hopped on board, I screamed bloody murder,” Mariah admitted.

Despite her initial reaction, they allowed the animal to stay and filmed it in action. Trying to chase the animal off may have resulted in a different kind of video. Instead, they filmed and watched as the sea lion ate their bait.

The animal looks pretty content eating, very much uncaring about the humans. This sea lion saw food and that’s all that mattered.

“How did they know that it’s in there?” Mariah asked her fiancé. A good question that went without answer during their trip.

Thankfully, everything worked out.

Aside from losing some bait fish, the sun still shone brightly on those scenic blue waters. And they have quite a story to share with others now.

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