11-Day-Old Rhino Calf Has The Best Reaction To His Shower

11-Day-Old Rhino Calf Has The Best Reaction To His Shower

An 11-day-old rhino calf has a blast at bathtime, and it’s such a joy to watch.

A baby’s first moments in life are truly meant to be treasured. Each first-time experience is bound to create unique reactions as the baby explores his world. Turns out the same is true for baby animals. It’s bath-time for an 11-day-old rhino calf, and this sweet baby has the absolute best reaction.

Too hot or too cold, water can surprise even those who are familiar with it. We know that wave is going to wash over our shins, but we still brace ourselves when it happens.

On January 4, 2018, this one-horned rhino was born into the world. Four days later, zookeepers at the Toronto Zoo in Toronto, Canada, decided to give him a shower. He didn’t respond as well as his mother who was unphased by the water.

Talk about being caught off guard.

At 11-days of age the calf started to acclimate to the water, maybe not totally, but this sweet baby was definitely getting on board.

In the video, he shakes and hops about as though he is trying to fend off the water. His eyes are wide open as the water pours on. The reaction is in itself cute and funny.

Making matters more hilarious was his mom who casually strolled into the shower. She’s used to the water and sees no need to play (aren’t human adults like this sometimes too?) Mother rhino walks around nonchalantly, even as her baby falls to the shower floor.

Is this the equivalent of a human child running wild with imagination?

Maybe. That or a temper tantrum, either is pretty funny to imagine. He lays on the floor for a little bit, rolling onto his back and laying on his side. This reaction to the water at this age versus when he was 4-days old shows that his discomfort did not last.

By the end of the video he is walking casually like his mother, and even shakes his head like he is shaking out water from his head hair, the way you would step out of a pool.

Have you ever felt hit by a shower in life? Maybe not water, but a sudden pour of unfortunate events?

When life hits you like the water did this baby rhino, we can rest assured that in the end God will see us through our calamities. The first time the water hits us may be hard, but any following times we will do a much better job handling it.

We have to do one thing, trust God.

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”
( Proverbs 3:5-6)

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