102-Year-Old WWII Veteran Takes Huge Leap of Faith

102-Year-Old WWII Veteran Takes Huge Leap of Faith

This 102-year-old WWII veteran is breaking all the stereotypes as she checks skydiving off of her bucket list.

It’s not always easy getting older. It can be hard to deal with changes in your mind and body. And sadly, a lot of people think that once you get older, it means you are limited in what you can do.

People will tell you all of the things that you will miss out on or the things that you are no longer allowed to do. But time and time again, the elderly are breaking the mold and showing that age is really nothing but a number.

Vivian "Millie" Bailey is one of those inspiring people. At the age of 102, she is taking a huge leap of faith and jumping out of an airplane. Millie was moved to take the plunge after President George H.W. Bush did it at age 90. This WWII veteran said that skydiving was something she had always wanted to do but didn’t know if someone her age could do it.

And this incredible moment all came together while Millie was filming an episode of Honor Flight Heroes. She mentioned that skydiving was on her bucket list but really didn’t want to pay that much for the experience. That’s when the program decided to surprise Millie by paying for the jump and capturing it all on film.

After arriving to the ground safely, Millie was congratulated by many of her family and friends. She told ABC7 Staff, "It was wonderful, a real thrill. I was scared for one minute, it felt like I was tumbling and then I thought, somebody is holding onto me."

What an incredible reminder that age is all about what we make it!

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