Baby Chimps After A Week Apart

Baby Chimps After A Week Apart

I think we can all agree that animals are truly amazing creatures created by God and these baby chimps might be the sweetest I’ve ever seen. Some people think that animals do not have feelings of their own or they do not understand what is happening around them. But if you’ve lived with an animal of your own or seen them in nature, you know that this is absolutely not the case.

Animals truly have a sixth sense and they can have feelings, just like we do. Take these 2 baby chimps, for example. These sweet creatures have been apart for a week, but it’s finally time for them to come together again. As soon as they spot each other, they embrace in the most heart-melting hug and they do not want to stop. It’s obvious that these two missed each other and they’re savoring every moment of this sweet hug. After watching these chimpanzees, there’s no way that anyone can say animals don’t have feelings.

I just love how they run right towards each other with so much love and excitement. The emotions are written all over their precious faces and it’s absolutely beautiful to watch. These chimps know exactly who the other is and they are so happy to be reunited. There’s no doubt that God put a lot of detail into every animal that lives on this Earth. I’m so glad that He blessed us with the opportunity to watch and learn from them. Don’t you agree that all of God’s creatures are just amazing?

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