4-Him WHERE THERE IS FAITH by Scott Wigley & Doug Weathermon

Doug Weathermon (Sax) and Scott Wigley (Guitar) playing an instrumental version of the 4-Him song "Where There is Faith".

===================================================This song has such powerful lyrics: "I believe in faithfulness, I believe in giving of myself, for someone else. I believe in peace and love, I believe in honesty and trust, but it's not enough. For all that I believe could never change the way it is. Unless I believe, , JESUS LIVES! Where there is faith, there is a voice calling, keep walking, your not alone in this world. Where there is faith, there is a peace like a child sleeping, hope everlasting in HE, Who Is Able to Bear Every Burden, to Heal Every Hurt in my heart. It is a wonderful, powerful place. Where There is Faith!"

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