Amy Grant Shares Her Christmas Traditions

Amy Grant Shares Her Christmas Traditions

Amy Grant is one of the most popular contemporary Christian artists. For years, she has been blessing the world with her incredible voice and praise to the Lord. And every year, around Christmas time, I can almost guarantee you’ll hear an Amy Grant song.

Today, this amazing female artist is sharing some of her own favorite Christmas traditions during an appearance on the daytime show Pickler and Ben. Amy mentioned that gathering with family and playing games is a beloved pastime.

“It’s all about trying to create that magic moment.” But this lovely lady also gave a secret tip to making your home feel inviting and smell incredible. “Put on some music and start an onion in a skillet. It’s going to turn into something good.”

Normally, Amy and her husband, Vince Gill, tour during the Christmas season. This is the first year and a long time that she is not away from her home on Christmas day. “I’m just so excited. The whole season feels like a gift.” Now, she will get to savor some traditions she has missed out on, such as going shopping with her teenage daughter and waking up in her own bed.

We all love listening to the beautiful voice of Amy Grant and I’m so glad that she is getting some special moments with her family, just like she creates for all of her fans. While I’m sure there will still be lots of music in her household, this is definitely going to be a Christmas for Amy and her family to remember.

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