Police Officer Hears Son During Final Radio Call

Police Officer Hears Son During Final Radio Call

When this police officer made his final radio call, he wasn’t expecting to hear his son’s voice on the other end. Arkansas Highway Police Corporal Roy Martin has been a part of the police force for 31 years.

After bravely serving the citizens of Arkansas each day, it is time for Cpl. Martin to retire. When a police officer ends their shift, they are required to radio in to dispatch the time and their status. When someone retires, they make one final radio call and it is almost always an emotional moment. And that is especially true for Cpl. Martin. His son, Corporal Billy Martin, is a part of the Arkansas State Police.

When Billy heard that his father was making his final call, he knew he wanted to be a part of it. This touching video showcases the moment that Cpl. Martin sits in his police cruiser and picks up the radio for the last time. Just look at the surprise on this father’s face as he hears his son on the other line.

He was so overcome with emotion that he could barely hold back the tears to respond. There’s no doubt that this officer will truly be missed and he meant a great deal to the department and his family.

It's never easy to see a co-worker move on, but Cpl. Martin can rest easy knowing that he did a job well done. We all thank you for your service over the years and hope you enjoy your retirement.

Arkansas Law Enforcement Family gets special retirement 10-7.

If you come from a law enforcement family, you always have an understanding of the bond it brings. If you don't, here is your proof. Yesterday Arkansas Highway Police Corporal Roy Martin retired after 31 years of service to the citizens of Arkansas. His son, Corporal Billy Martin of the Arkansas State Police had the opportunity to give his father his last 10-7 call on the radio. This was a surprise to Cpl. Martin, who had no idea his son would be on the other end of the radio. The Arkansas State Police wishes Arkansas Highway Police Corporal Roy Martin a wonderful retirement, and we thank you for your service to the state of Arkansas!

Posted by Arkansas State Police on Wednesday, February 6, 2019