'Alleluia' - Worship From Jenn Johnson Of Bethel Music

'Alleluia' - Worship From Jenn Johnson Of Bethel Music

‘Alleluia Lover of my soul Alleluia With all of heaven we are singing’ Sometimes, it is the most simple words that truly have the biggest impact. When we cry out to the Lord, He hears each and every note and worship is truly joy to His ears.

I can just picture Him in Heaven smiling down when He hears all of the joyful noise. And that is exactly what the amazing voice of Jenn Johnson from Bethel Music is doing today.

Just listen as she leads worship with the beautiful song ‘Alleluia.’ The words speak straight to my heart as they cry out to our Lord in praise. There is truly no one like our God and He is the greatest friend we will ever have. God truly loves us no matter the sin. He has given us freedom and there's no greater feeling than that. Because God sent His only Son to die for our sins, we are now forgiven and can live out our days in Heaven above.

What a wonderful feeling to be free of our chains and saved by the Lord. This is a precious gift and we should give thanks each and every day. This beautiful worship song is the perfect way to spread His message and praise His name.

When we join our voices together, amazing things can truly happen. Let’s sing these words for all to hear and let them know the good news of our Lord and Savior. Can I get an amen?